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Hosting a conference can be a painstaking and tedious task. Of course, the end result would be worth it whether it is profit you are looking for or if you are looking to create awareness and get a message across.

When hosting a large event such as a conference, accidents are bound to happen and sometimes there may be issues which can leave you in a difficult position, financially. Thankfully, you have the option of signing up for conference insurance which is a type of liability insurance that provides cover in case something unfortunate occurs during a conference. While you may extensively plan for the entire event and have a backup plan ready as well, things can go wrong. Accidents can be caused by a mistake caused by a volunteer or an employee or it could be a stroke of bad luck, bade weather for instance.

In case you are faced with loss or damage due to weather for instance, your conference insurance plan may be able to save you from the financial blow and the inconvenience you will be facing form it. Preparing for the conference and keeping check on the various aspects of the conference is stressful enough, but having the thought of something unexpected to happen at the back of your mind, can make the whole process of setting up the conference even more nerve wrecking. Even if the chances of anything disastrous happening are quite low, the peace of mind that conference insurance alone will give you makes it worth the investment.

The insurance provides cover for any accidents caused by employees or attendants. Damage or loss is most common this way as things are bound to go wrong during preparation or during the event itself. If you are in an area prone to severe weather conditions, you may want cover for this as well. the insurance usually also covers any expenses if the conference has to be cancelled. Apart from the ‘contents’ of the conference, cover will also be provided for the property and infrastructure occupied during the conference.

Most conference insurance plans only offers liability insurance for employees and the public, however if you are looking for more security, there are a few plans available providing cover for other rare causes as well. You will need to extensively search to find these plans or you may alternatively outsource the searching process to a broker which would make it more expensive but it would save you time. There are insurance companies that offer cover for:

Adverse weather

As aforementioned, despite weather forecasts, you might find unusually severe weather on the day of the event that can affect the conference in numerous ways. It can directly affect it in terms of physical damage or it can cause other inconveniences such as reduced attendance due to the adverse weather. Some insurance plans offer cover for any damage or loss caused by weather as well.

Financial loss

A conference is like any other business stints, expenses are involved and profits are not guaranteed. If you cannot afford to lose profits, you can have cover for this as well whereby you could compensate and at least break even in the event of loss.

Less than expected attendance

One of the main issues faced when holding a conference is the lack of attendants. If the attendants are fewer than what you expected, it could be a major loss depending on the extent of the discrepancy. You can get cover for such scenarios where you would be compensated in case the attendance is lesser than expected.

Communication issues

Having proper communication is essential during a conference. Much of any conference today is dependent on properly established links of communication. Sometimes, communication systems can fail resulting in serious inconvenience. Having cover will ensure that you are compensated in case this occurs.

Just like any other insurance plan, it is important to consider virtually every option available before making a choice. Insurance is a large industry and prices are not set in stone. A bit of researching can go a long way as you may find yourself with a more economical deal with better coverage. The premiums can vary depending on numerous factors; direct details about the conference as well as external risk factors. Generally, the number of attendants, participants and staff involved will be accounted for. The location will also play a part. It is advisable to use an online website that will provide an estimate on the costs associated so that you will be aware of the expenses involved in case any sort of damage occurs.

If you’d like a broader insight and advise before signing up for a conference insurance plan, you should consider hiring a broker who has industry experience and will be able to assist you with choosing the plan that is ideal for you. Be sure to choose your broker wisely as well and make sure he is working in your best interest rather than his. Some individuals have a tendency to choose the cheapest plan available to save costs however this can be unwise as the most economical plans are usually futile offering little to no cover when you need it. This also does not mean that you should go for a well-known service as most of these companies charge relatively higher premiums. Opt for something midway between the two for best value.

Having conference insurance not only guarantees the safety of yourself and your finances but also to all the stakeholders involved. Any individual who will be involved with or attending the conference will be protected when you get conference insurance. If you are looking to host a conference, you should strongly consider investing in some conference insurance.

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