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Travel insurance is usually take to simply have a sense of relief and to not have to worry about mishaps or accidents that can occur while traveling.

While it is taken in case an incident occurs, no one anticipates or wishes such an incident to occur as it can rather tiresome and time consuming to deal with. This is mainly due to the fact that you may be traveling on holiday and having to make an insurance claim in the midst of this would typically ruin the entire spirit. While this is the general consensus regarding travel insurance, sometimes unfortunate events resulting in loss or damage do occur, thus it is highly advisable to be more vigilant when investing in a travel insurance policy rather than do it just for the sake of having one. If you do need to make a claim, you need to be aware of the procedure. This article will explain how to proceed when a travel insurance claim is to be made.

Request a report from the police if you are a victim

If you are robbed or assaulted for any reason, be sure to get a statement from the police covering all details so that you may provide it to your insurance company when making your claim as it provides proof.

Maintain proof of purchase

if you make any purchases pertaining to an insurance claim such as replacement of stolen items or over the counter medication for treatment, be sure to have a receipt and maintain them safely to present to the insurance company as proof.

Have a backup of your insurance information

One of the primary purposes of having travel insurance is that it provides compensation in case of theft. It would be rather ironic if your belongings are stolen and this includes your insurance policy. For this reason, be sure to make copies of your insurance details have them elsewhere in a safe place. You may also entrust it with a friend or relative which would ensure that it would be safe at all times.

Keep track of your insurance policy

While this may seem like a rather obvious detail, most people simply purchase the insurance plan and forget about it. It is important to have the insurance policy with you at all times for obvious reasons. The insurance policy contains all the intricate details of what you will be compensated for as well as what you won’t. the insurance policy also contains important contact details that are necessary particularly when medical treatment is required.

Do not delay reporting theft

If you are a victim of theft, as soon as you are aware that you have been robbed, contact your insurance company. it is highly advisable to contact the police as well.

Keep an account in case there is a flight delay

Flight delays are inevitable. If you are a frequent flyer, you will find that a delay in flight is not a rare occurrence. When flights are delayed for a prolonged period of time, you can claim insurance for the costs associated with the delay however the only way to prove this would be to obtain this in writing by someone authoritative.

Follow the guidelines provided by your insurance company

Insurance policies are usually very detailed comprising of every factor that needs to be considered as well as every step that needs to be taken when making a claim. As long as you follow these instructions precisely, you shouldn’t have any trouble making a claim.

Patience is a virtue

Analyzing and finalizing a claim can take a few days by the insurance company. Depending on the type of claim and the insurance company, the time period may differ however usually finalizing a claim for a stolen item could take 10 days to up to two weeks. The larger the claim, the longer the period of processing it would be as insurance companies will further analyze the situation to make sure that the claim is valid.

Validate ownership of valuable possessions

If you possess certain items that are relatively expensive (this includes any item that has a reasonable cost associated with it. A mobile would be an example), be sure to have all receipts associated with the product in case you need to make a claim if it was lost by theft or due to some other reason. This would prove that your claim is valid.

Stay calm

Finally, understand that while it is rare, it is indeed possible to face an unfortunate incident that causes loss or damage. While it is certainly a hassle to deal with, at least it gives you a run for your money that you have invested for the insurance plan.

Make sure you follow the aforementioned tips and the whole process should run smooth.

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